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Your 2020 wedding preparations should start as early as now! You definitely know that planning a wedding isn’t the easiest of tasks. Therefore, to help you get through the whole process smoothly, you must start early. Do you have your checklist ready? If you don’t, it is high time you created one. It will make it so easy for you.

Apart from dress shopping and fitting, you need to ensure you get a venue that’s big enough to accommodate all your guests. Getting a venue can be a little tricky depending on the type of wedding party you want. You can do either an indoor or outdoor wedding and still have the reception there. Truth is, it will still be amazing.

The most important part of your 2020 wedding preparations is the food. Ensuring your guests go home satisfied is your number one priority. Give them something to remember for a long time. Here, you need to consider booking a catering company early enough to avoid the last-minute rush. The Meat Thief is the perfect catering company for your 2020 wedding. We have the culinary experience to wow your guests with our delicious food. Furthermore, we do great BBQs and are known for that. Therefore, whether you choose a BBQ wedding or not, we surely will give it our best.

The most important thing to look at as you plan your wedding is not only how you look but the impression you leave on your guests. You can only trust us to help you achieve this. By providing the tastiest of meals, The Meat Thief has a great menu that features different food preferences. Our menu caters to both vegan and even vegetarians. So, your guests can enjoy your wedding without worrying about food. With our dedicated team, we ensure you have fun and everything goes as planned.

Well, we work with your budget. Therefore, if you have a minimal budget, you will still enjoy your big day. So head over to any of our offices and book early and let us help you enjoy your big day!

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