From humble beginnings…

Originally from the Leicestershire country side there was not many weekends that a bonfire escaped our thoughts and when you have a fire you may as well use it to cook your food.. So we did.. Most weekends and then the friendly competitiveness came into it, who would make the best burgers, who would make the spiciest sausage.

From BBQing in Leicestershire to moving to Southsea, the summer  “and winter” was never complete without the Southsea Common BBQ this made us create some of the best recipes we would ever think of, from savory to sweet and something in between.

Where we are today?

Jordan & Natasha have been in hospitality “forever” or so it seams, the love of food and the pleasure we receive from smiles and kind words about something we have created makes every day worth while.

We have been BBQing for years and the step to take what we love to the public became a natural step after we decided to finally Just Do It.

We feel it is the attention to the fine details that make memorable occasions. So many factors go in to deciding exactly what food you want to present to your guests to ensure a happy event for everybody.

Since the business started in 2015 we have had 2 fantastic years of catering for a wide range of guests in an ever increasing number of circumstances from our regular catering events at Corporate safety days with our High Viz & having to watch the dreaded onsite safety video to weddings in the most beautiful of locations and much more.

We have also had to deal with a number of challenging situations over the years from the great British weather however we have never disappointed and food has always been on point and on time from a fine summery day or a force 8 gale while catering for a 21st birthday party on the coast at Lymington.

The Meat Thief specialises in tailoring menus to suit your individual needs and tastes. We take the elements that the customer describes and turn it into a special occasion, whether a business luncheon or a celebration. We cater for all events small or large.

We deliver consistent quality and presentation for every event. Our menus require that our recipes are creative and that we utilise local produce and local suppliers for the freshest ingredients.

Bill Cooling Butchers from Loughborough is our main butcher although this is not local to the Hampshire region Jordan has grown up in Leicestershire and worked closely with Bill Cooling and their family from the age of 10 as well as not finding a quality of meat quite like it..

So here we are, Preparing to cook for your event.