BBQ Catering in 2019

Summer 2018 was amazing with the best continual sunshine for a summer that I can remember, It was also an amazing time with the right BBQ Catering trends.

So as the summer dawns on us we look forward to the BBQ trends of 2019

For The Meat Thief we had a very busy summer with a full diary of catering events in Portsmouth and surrounding areas. Staring at the BBQ flame is as much a piece of summer as sitting on the Southsea shoreline watching the sea and wearing your most loved shorts until they go into disrepair.

BBQ trends that rose throughout the year are;

  •     Thin Steaks

The thin steaks became famous at wedding catering and corporate catering, when most guest at the events desired something not too thick so as not to soil their outfits. This sounds funny, but when you think of it, the thin steaks are easier to cut through as well as putting into a tiger bun with salad to make a delicious steak burger.

  •     Pork Steaks

Having a much slower method of cooking, the pork steak is well cooked with ingredients such as butter, soy sauce, green onions, garlic. With this mouthwatering ingredients, it is no doubt that this became everyone’s favorite in 2018. It was something not to miss. Guest were always in a haste to satisfy their taste buds with this yummy dish. They are usually served with spiced BBQ sauce, fruity sauce, breadcrumbs and peanut sauce. A yummy dish at most event catering.

  •     Smoked Meat

Smoked meat is going to have a resurgence in 2019. We have many requests for more charcuterie platters at wedding events for 2019. As well as smoked brisket  It was no doubt that the high increase in the smoked meat choices from smoked pulled pork and smoked brisket available at restaurants throughout the UK.

  •     Salt Slabs

They’re large squares of Himalayan salt that sit on the barbecue and used as a griddle or area to cook your food they act as both a flavor imparter cooking device. Warm them over gradually and place fish, shrimp or meat to finish everything. Include some diced onions, bean stews and peppers, and you have a flavor fully salty, interesting dinner.

Just imagine all these sweet tastes filling your buds. Now see why they were a top trend.
One trend that was able to crossover from 2018 to be one of the most popular in 2019 is the smoked meat.
In any case for smoked meat, you don’t have to assemble anything to get a rich, smoky flavor, all you simply need is a few chips of wood and a grill.

Snatch some hickory chips, toss them onto your sparkling charcoal and hang tight for the smoke. The pick your meat, either chicken, pork, steak or even veal and cook it until it is done. When you delve in, you’ll discover the meat has an astounding, hickory smoked taste. You can make this with the electric smoker as explained in our previous post.

Other trends to lookout for in 2019 are;

  •     Mixing up meats,
  •     Serving with fruity sauce, and
  •     Cultural meats.

If you are looking for a BBQ catering company for your wedding or corporate event in 2019 look no further than The Meat Thief call us on 02389 989 211 or email us at