January is a funny month in the catering industry and although the markets are still trading we like to take some time off, Usually we like to get away on holiday however this year having our baby boy George on 21st December we have decided to take some time off..

BBQ Wedding Catering is getting Popular in 2016

Although we are not working the circut at the moment this does not mean that we are just sitting at home twiddling our thumbs. OH NO..

Throughout the year and while attending events and markets we always make notes on other caterers dishes, what they are offering and how they are cooking. New techniques, fashionable sides and the usual annual method of cooking or popular diet that is out there.

This winter i have been watching a lot of Guy Fieri Diners, Drive Inns and Dives What a show and it really gives you an idea of the scale of the BBQ usage in the USA.

So we have been trying to replicate and modify some of his best joints and make them for the UK market, and what we have made so far is absolutly delicious.

This weekend i have been marinating a beef brisket to be smoked after 2 days as well as a beer can chicken that marinated in beer for 2 days before being smoked on top of a can of Guniness..

Both dishes were absolutely amazing and gave me a new confidence with the smoking process, i have also made my first ever Biltong bog which is being filled with meat today to be hung..

We are still taking orders for all catering events in the South Coast, and being a catering company from Portsmouth, Hampshire we are looking forward to seeing you guys at the many events around the South Coast this spring..

We have some new great dishes for you to try as well as a load of free t shirts and sweaters and bags from our great friends at The T Shirt Man

Have a great week and we shall be back next week with more ideas for the coming season.

The Meat Thief.