To BBQ is the art of setting up a picnic and sharing good times from the back of your car, truck, or RV. Whether you are a serious about grilling or more the casual type, the idea remains the same: have a good time. So grab the beer, the grill, and some food. We are about to talk BBQ.

Casual BBQ vs. Serious BBQ

A serious BBQ will be planned as an event and have a lot of detail. Every effort of the endeavor is to put together food and entertainment. A casual BBQ will make a picnic and have some friends to share it with.

Is it a Guy Thing?

How can it be a guy thing? Well it is simple, guys use the BBQ to show off their ability to cook outdoors. The BBQ pit has now been placed in squarely in the hands of men. It is a man’s’ sport. Just like cooking out doors or at home, it is a mobile way of taking his show and talent on the road. Give a man an excuse to tailgate and he will jump at it.

Any Excuse to Party

When grilling, people generally uses charcoal or butane to cook their meals. Check any sporting goods store and you will find everything you can imagine to grill.

Sports are the major reasons or excuses for a BBQ. It is of general knowledge that guys are little nuts when it comes to sports. The same thing is true about the someone who likes to BBQ. When you combine the two, you get the infamous “BBQ party.”

BBQ parties have become so popular that it is hard to believe some of the things guys will go to showing off their ability to cook and entertain out doors. Guys have set up stereo systems, televisions, projectors and specialized lawn furniture to enjoy their new and masculine sport.

Grab your portable BBQ grill, add some lawn chairs and give it a whirl. You might get hooked on it also. The worst that could happen is it could rain or you could burn your food. Don’t worry. You can laugh it off and still have a good time.