Benefits of a charcoal BBQ over Gas BBQ

Being the head of the BBQs comes with a big responsibility whether you are in your back garden or catering for a large event. Men huddle around the BBQ giving their option, opinions and general thoughts and the most discussed opinion is Gas or Charcoal.

Well, you have to decide which BBQ you are going to use. Is it the Charcoal BBQ or would you rather use Gas BBQ? This is some tough decision every grillmaster must make. However, if you consider yourself a BBQ master then you will definitely choose the Charcoal BBQ over gas BBQ.

At The Meat Thief BBQ Catering Company we strictly use charcoal for all our BBQs. The following are some of the benefits of charcoal BBQ over Gas BBQ:

  • Flavour

Using charcoal for BBQs gives your food a wonderful taste. Your meat cooks slowly while retaining the smoky flavour from the charcoal. It also smells heavenly! The slow cooking also makes your meat very tender. So, how would a gas BBQ beat that? Using gas may be quite easy but when it comes to taste, charcoal delivers it all. Adding wood to charcoal BBQs can increase the flavours and giving your meat a nice smoky taste from whichever wood you choose.

  • Great Heat Control

When you are using a charcoal grill, you may start worrying that your meat is cooking faster. The best thing is that you can control the heat by:

  1. Moving your meat away from the charcoal.
  2. Raising the grill level
  3. Moving charcoal around so heat may redistribute

This way, you are not only giving your meat time to cook properly but also to continue absorbing the smoky flavours.

  • Affordability and transport

Charcoal is not a cheaper option compared to gas. In addition, they are light making them very portable. However, many people complain about how messy a charcoal grill may be after use. But, this is not something to worry about, for we are cooking for your event. But with modern day cleaning agents and accessories, you can now clean your charcoal grill without a hustle. It is also not as time-consuming as it may look.

After choosing the charcoal BBQ, it would be better for you to invest in good quality charcoal.

At the Meat Thief Leicester Catering Company, we understand quality. Our charcoal is of good quality and our meat, the same.

Wedding Catering in Leicester has never been this simple! Many people are adopting the idea of including BBQs in their weddings and that is where we come in. Freshly cooked, right in front of you, what could be better than that?

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