Nothing sounds better than having a well-planned event going as smooth as it ought to be. Event catering can be affected by an assortment of unforeseen circumstances, and living in the UK the weather is not far from one’s mind as well as 101 other problems that can go wrong.

To overcome problems at ease requires investment in equipment, creative energy and superb arranging aptitudes to cover every one of the scenarios that one may come up to at any event. This is the reason why when organizing your catering company chose a BBQ catering company that has such a dedication to problem solving. One little mix-up can set forward a chain response that is hard to fix on the day.

Here are some common mistakes made in events and the solutions to solve them;


  • Event Managers With A Very Low Experience

 This is one of the most common mistakes made in events, as most people want to settle for event managers with for as little as possible. These are managers with low experience and little care for the day one the payment has been made. “Nothing good comes cheap”

Solution: The initial step is to employ event managers with reviews and the experience required to comprehend and deal with the client’s needs. Great event managers have the correct mix of ‘dedicated abilities’ and can show how to arrange gatherings, oversee hazard and handle a wide range of problems. It truly comes down to relationship building abilities and problem solving when every event is different.

The meat thief catering company offers you the best and most experienced event managers to give your event the best outcome, Together Natasha and Jordan have over 30 years in hospitality and Jordan has a long history of outdoor markets meaning he is never out of his depth in bad outdoor weather.


  • Bad Communication with Event Manager

 This is presumably the most widely recognized error made by inexperienced event organizers and is one to be stayed away from no matter what. Bad communication can spell fiasco. Bad communication is frequently the after effect of an absence of tender loving care, particularly with regards to your event agenda. It’s completely essential that you discuss and both your and your catering company understand what you wish to achieve at your wedding day or corporate catering event.


Solution: While you would prefer not to micromanage everybody, you do need to realise who does what and when to accept that everyone understands the total requirements to them and keeps to the timetable. We recommend that all is conveyed to The Meat Thief Catering Company by a form that has all details from event location to second in charge at any event.

  •  Going Over The Budget Planned

 Planning is a basic piece of the event arranging process. Adhering to the budget you’ve been assigned isn’t a simple errand. The most noteworthy expenses show up because of catering costs, nourishment and refreshments and location.

Solution: Easy ways to save costs and not go over budget are by getting event locations that are not too expensive and are easy to access by you and your guests. Another way out is to avoid expensive drinks (Prosecco or Champagne).

If you are in need for any further help or looking for a catering company in Leicester for your wedding please fell free to contact The Meat Thief from our Contact Page we now have catering offices in both Leicester & Portsmouth