Hello Meat Thief Fans ,

So the pizza recipe is a very simple dish to cook and also very delicious, If you like Italian styled pizza then this is the recipe for you.
Start by adding your pizza stones to your oven and put the oven on around 250°C or as hot as possible, We really need to get these pizza stones as hot as possible.

Ingredients for Pizza Base:
300g Strong White Flour
200ml Tepid Water (Not Hot or Cold just in the middle)
7g pouch of yeast

To make the base add all the ingredients to a bowl and mix with a large spoon then kneed with your hands on a well floured surface so that the dough does not stick to the surface, Feel free to add more flour or water to get the correct consistency but it should be easily maliable in the hand, Leave the dough to rest in a walm area for an hour or while you make the rest of the pizza toppings.

Tomato Base:
Add all the following ingredients to a measuring bowl
1 Tube of Tomato Paste
2 cloves of garlic
pinch of sea salt
ground pepper as required
chilli flakes as required
olives without the pit
olive oil
Blitz everything with a blender, you now have your tomato base. You can also add ketchup, BBQ Sauce etc to the mix depending on the toppings.

So now the fun part.

Have all additional toppings your require ready to throw onto the pizza.
Salami or Chorizo
Although anything can be incorporated into the pizza toppings as well as smoked brisket & chicken bits. Just anything that is left in the fridge can be added.

Cut a slice of the dough and roll out to create a thin base to cover your pizza stone
Take the stone from the oven, be careful this will be very hot, if it is not very hot put it back in the oven
Place the stone onto a heat resistant mat
Place the dough onto the pizza stone and cut around to fit the stone
Add the Tomato Base
Followed by the toppings of your choice
then the cheese to melt all over the pizza

Add the stone with the pizza back into the oven for around 10 – 20 mins and keep checking to make sure it is not burnt. The cooking times really depend on how you like your crust and the topings you have added.

Enjoy and i would love to see some of the pizzas you have made, just tag or contact us on FB, Twitter or Instagram

Enjoy 🙂