Having that juicy rib in your mouth will surely give you an unforgettable moment. Especially with the right accomplishments to go with. Everyone wants this experience, but the problem is, “How do we get it?”

That is not a problem. Today at The Meat Thief, we will go through steps on how to use an electric smoker to make that juicy smoke enriched meat you’ve always dreamt of.

Before you start your journey what are the things you will need;

  1. Your beef, pork or chicken
  2. BBQ Sauce or Rub depending if you wanted a saucy or dry smoked ribs.
  3. Wood chip from the tree of your choice.
  4. Water
  5. Foil
  6. Electric Smoker

Now, let’s begin.

  • Set The Temperature Of The Smoker
  • Before you start any process, preparing the smoker is the first important thing to do.
  • Set the temperature to be about 200 degrees (this temperature is required for beef, pork and chicken), however always check the recipe you are following.


  • Put Water In The Smoker

Slide in the water container at the bottom of the smoker. The water in the smoker will evaporate while heating. The evaporating steam will keep the meat moist at all times.

  • Introduce The Wood Chips

By the side of the smoker is capsule attached to a semi-cylinder like tube. Pull the knob out and add the wood chips in the tube space. Return the tube then twist the knob to allow the wood chips drop on the heating element of the smoker. There are several types of chips you can buy, depending on the aroma you want on your meat.

  • Prepare The Meat

Remove the membrane on the meat to allow smoke to pass through the meat easily.
To prepare the meat, you will need to make sure it is well coated to prevent any dry taste.
Rub the mustard or sauce of your choice on the meat to allow the ribs to stick.
Make sure you do not add salt to the meat.


  • Put The Meat In The Smoker

With the aid of a spatula, gentle place the meat on the tray to allow it cook.
Be careful of the steam when you open the smoker.
Let the meat stay in the smoker for 2 hours.

  • Baste The Meat In A Foil

Once the meat has stayed in the smoker for 2 hours, remove it. Wrap the meat in a foil and rub it round with the sauce you have. Make sure to cover all the part to spread the juicy taste around evenly around the meat.
Leave it for an hour
Before you put the wrap meat into the smoker, add a new batch of wood chips. The previous ones would have burnt off

  • Unwrap The Meat

Remove the meat from the smoker. Unwrap it from the foil, then put it back for 30 minutes.
Once the time is up, remove the meat and place it in a plate.
You can now serve your meat with any other side dish you want.