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Chefs play a very important role in our lives. Every chef deserves to be celebrated. The good thing is, there’s a whole day set aside for them. National personal chef day is celebrated every year on the 16th of July. If you have a personal chef, then this is the perfect day to do something special for them.

In recent years, there has been a great increase in the number of personal chefs. Most people who opt to become personal chefs are those who have had experience working in a restaurant, catering or hotel kitchens. However, some still work in these same capacities and are part-time personal chefs. Recently graduated culinary students are also embracing the idea of becoming personal chefs and many of them are excelling at it.

Personal chefs are very different from private chefs since they typically multiple clients. Private chefs on the other hand usually have just one client in whose home they live. However, personal chefs meet up with their clients to design a meal plan. The clients then choose meals from the chef’s menu. The chef shops for groceries and prepares the meals in their clients’ home. Typically, they make multiple meals at once and placing them in the refrigerator while leaving instructions on how to reheat.

Also, personal chefs may work in special events or even dinner parties for their client. In some cases, they give cooking classes to a client or a group in a client’s home.

How to observe national personal chef day

If you have a personal chef, you can celebrate them by doing something special for them such as:

  • Making a meal for them
  • Giving them the day off
  • Taking them out for a meal at a high-end restaurant

There are so many other things you could do just to thank and make them feel appreciated. As you look forward to the next national personal chef day, you can start thinking of how you will thank them and make them feel special.

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