How to Plan Your Wedding Catering

Have you got your venue ready? The next step is finding yourself a reliable catering company to do your wedding catering. But, do you know what you’re looking for? Keep your checklist ready as we help you plan your wedding catering hustle free.

We all understand how food and drinks can fuel a party; especially a wedding reception. It may also be great if you add a little personal style into how you would like your wedding catering to be done. Whether it is flavour or aesthetics, the following tips will help you plan your wedding catering with ease.

Do you have a budget?

Everything begins with budgeting. Your budget impacts deeply on every decision made. For instance, the serving style, number of guests, cocktails and even the appetizers; everything here depends on cost. So, to stay on track, establish your budget early.

Prepare early

A great wedding catering experience would be that one that has a lot of time invested in it. This means you have to book a caterer early enough. And, ensure you get the right one. Depending on your venue, you can request a tasting just to be satisfied that the caterer can deliver. For your meals to stand out, ensure you have a flexible caterer who can go out of their way to try out new dishes and infuse new ideas.

Number of Guests

The guest lists is also another big factor in catering. How many people are you inviting to the reception? You should limit the headcount depending on how impressive you want your meal to be. And of course, this should also be in line with your budget. However, if you want to invite a big number with a minimum budget, you can cut menu costs in a creative way.

Consider Dietary restrictions and allergies

You may have gluten-free guests, those who don’t eat meat and even those who have peanut allergies. To be on the safe side, discuss this with your catering company to ensure they know of these exceptions early enough and include options suitable for everyone.

What’s your Style?

You may want a delicious, gourmet dinner to be the focus of your wedding reception or even want music and dancing to be the main event. Truth is, all this is doable. All you have to do is to choose a formal dining style and menu. This may include passed appetizers or finger foods. This will ensure your guests are not weighed down by heaving meal and can grab a bite before hitting the dance floor.

Choosing the right catering company for your wedding catering is the most important part of your wedding planning. The Meat Thief Event Catering Company is at your service for all your wedding catering needs. With an office in Leicester, you can now have your wedding catering professionally and with a lot of passion.

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