As food travels from place to place, Shish Kabobs have become a popular food item in the North American continent. Traditionally, a Middle East Asian dish, Shish Kabobs are prepared using skewers on a Shish Kabob BBQ Grill. The charcoal grills are very popular for cooking shish Kabobs, as the taste of meat with that burnt charcoal flavour adds to the whole experience of BBQ.

As the summer approaches America, most of the families get out of their homes to cook outside in their gardens and have a gala time with friends and family. The Shish Kabob
BBQ Grill is one such tool used by the Americans to cook their favourite recipes of Kabobs on the grills. Kabobs or meat on a stick is one of the most popular grilled foods in the world, quick and easy to grill and just as easy to eat. You can stick most anything on a skewer whether you are grilling the traditional shish kebabs or the very simple beef Kabobs. Kabobs are basically, a Middle Eastern Recipe that has very much been accepted as the regular BBQ recipe in North America and is one of the most popular BBQ dishes.

Shish Kabob BBQ Grills can be used to cook all types of Kabobs very easily, from any meat i.e. chicken, lamb, beef etc. The Shish Kabob BBQ Grills can be of two types when classified broadly, i.e., Gas-fueled and Charcoal Grills. But charcoal grills are appreciated more than the gas – fueled one’s due to a number of advantages.

The first reason for favoring charcoal grills is rather traditional. Primitively, the grills used to be of charcoal type. A gas grill is nothing but a stove that can be used indoors as well, so, it kills the whole experience of a BBQ. Grills can let a person chose from broader ranges of temperatures. With charcoal you can arrange your charcoal to increase the cooking temperature for your cooking surface. The flexibility is much greater with a charcoal grill than a gas grill. The knobs of a gas grill can be adjusted but not more than the specified maximum values, whereas, in charcoal grills, the heating elements can be put or removed as desired to increase or decrease the temperature. Yet another reason to favour charcoal cooking is the more natural flavouring it imparts. The gas is odourless and flavourless which is again not desired in grilling. The grilled meat has to have to natural charcoal flavour, which can only be achieved by using charcoal grills. On the other hand, gas grills are also more expensive.

So, to have the ultimate Shish Kabob BBQ Grill experience, there is no better option than the traditional charcoal grills. It maintains the authenticity of the recipe and gives the taste that is actually desired by a BBQ.