Every New Year, new trends emerge from fashion to home decor and even diets. Well, the catering industry is no exception. Many catering companies also need to either create their own trend or get inspiration from others in order to stay relevant in the industry.

If you are planning an event in 2019, it is only prudent that you incorporate new ideas or look for a caterer that understands the value of new and innovative trends of the time. The Meat Thief event Catering Company is, therefore, your perfect catering company in this case. With us, there’s so much to expect this year as we look forward to an awesome year.

The following are some of the latest trends that you can incorporate in your event catering.

Let’s go Green!

With the growing awareness of food conservation and sustainability, there has been a major shift in consumer demand. People are becoming more aware of how their food habits impact on the earth. So as you choose a caterer, go for one which reflects these values!

The Meat Thief understands the importance of reducing food and human-made waste and is able to properly give an estimate of how much food is needed for an event in order to avoid lots of food going to waste.

Include Inclusive Meals

As you plan your event, ensure you have food options for people with allergy or dietary restrictions. One of the latest trends in 2019 is inclusive catering that ensures all guests are able to enjoy a wide variety of food. To make this trend easy to incorporate, you can leave a space for guests to write any dietary restrictions in their RSVPs. This will ensure you provide a supplemental meal.

In addition, having a gluten-free meal, dairy-free meal or even a vegan meal will make all guests very comfortable as they will have a variety to choose from. The Meat Thief’s menu features a number of different foods that your guests can enjoy comfortably at the event.

Social Sharing

It is important to choose a caterer who does not only cook delicious food but also presents it beautifully. This will leave the guests at your event blown away and snapping pictures of every detail at your event.

There are countless food trends out there but you must consider your audience and decide on what cuisines they will like. As we all know, food isn’t just a meal, but wonderful experience! You can hire a company to cook right in front of you and your guests to make the experience even more memorable.


2019 is definitely going to be a good year; we can feel it. At The Meat Thief Event Catering, our sole priority to ensure we provide quality service and exceptional cuisine to your event, wherever the event may be. We are the masters in providing our clients with beautiful meals and memories that last. We thrive off the opportunity of trying new things and sticking to the latest trends.