The Meat Thief Attending the IFE at ExCEl

The month of March has been a great one. We at The Meat Thief have been able to expand our territory beyond belief. This year, we attended the International Food and Drink Event (IFE) at ExCel London held from 17th to 20thth March and it was a great experience. We did not only have fun but also met a lot of important people in the catering industry.

Attending IFE 2019 is an opportunity that we do not take for granted. It is an event that every serious catering company would like to attend. Apart from showcasing our products and services, we were also able to meet new great suppliers in the food industry. It made us really enthusiastic about 2019. We also discovered the emerging trends in the food industry and made face to face contact with the UK’s leading manufacturers and suppliers.

Some of the activities at IFE 2019 included:

  • Tasting new products
  • Marketing services and products
  • Networking
  • Experiencing revolutionary products

We at the Meat Thief pride ourselves in providing quality service to our esteemed clients. And on this day, we had a chance to meet our peers whom we shared a lot of information with. At the event, there were so many sections to visit and learn a lot from. However, we took it upon ourselves to visit relevant sections such as the meat and seafood sections, grocery section, and ingredients section among many others that were there.

The IFE this year was organised so well. We did not just get a chance to interact with potential clients as well but also got the opportunity to see new products and trends. This way, we hope to continue providing the best services to our clients this year by incorporating everything we learnt at the IFE into our work.