We were contacted my Marina shortly before the birth of their son Charlie as she wanted to throw a large surprise party for her husband as he had been amazing with the birth of their first child and his birthday was only a couple of months after the baby birth and rightly so she had enough to think about. We were catering in their garden in a lovely village near Southampton they had a great selection of food including the classic BBQ staples such as your 100% Steak Burgers and a mixture of Pork and Leek, Mexican Chilli and Pork & Black Pepper sausages. There was also a large number of skewers such as Garlic & Chilli King Prawns, Vegetable Kebabs, Pork & Sage Kebabs as well as various other Meat Thief essentials.

We arrived at Marinas house at around 10am and proceeded to set up in their garden, Tom was arriving back from work at 1pm so all had to be ready and the van hidden out of the way.

As  we got started on the BBQ and their friends began to arrive the mood gradually turned into a party, Then it all went quiet Tom had arrived back from work.


He didn’t realize a thing, all his family were there and the party was in full swing, as the day went on and we kept the BBQ cooking the guests thoughts turned to dessert.. There are only so many amazing sausages you can have in one day and everyone had been eyeing up the cheese tower that we had prepared with 4 towers of delicious cheese on it supplied with biscuits, chutneys and relishes.

After around 6 hours we started to pack away to let the family celebrate together, everyone thanked us for our amazing food and they were very happy to recommend us to others when the situation arose, We left all the food that was cooked their so they could snack throughout the evening and even the next day if they wished.

We had a great day and we were so thankful to be part of your big day.

Many Thanks

The Meat Thief Team xx