Grazing menus also are known as tasting menus have become popular in French and British restaurants. However, they have begun appearing in outdoor events. The Meat Thief has The New Grazing Menu as an addition to our outdoor catering service. Therefore, if you are looking for an array of small dishes for your event The New Grazing Menu will blow your mind.

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What are some of the benefits of a grazing menu to you, the customer?

  • A tasting menu gives you value for your money as you know exactly what you are paying for.
  • A grazing menu offers greater consistency in food. This is because the kitchen has a small number of dishes to concentrate on.
  • It provides you with an all-round eating experience
  • Grazing menus give you concentrated flavors in small hits
  • You may even get an opportunity to taste new ingredients without necessarily eating the entire food

So, how do you go about offering this amazing menu?

When offering a grazing menu, you must plan the menu well. There must be a balance of ingredients, contrition, color, and texture. Also, the repetition of ingredients throughout the menu must be avoided. Always serve seasonality!

The size of every dish is vital. It should be large enough to provide taste but not too large that it becomes unmanageable. For every diner, allow one coffee cup-sized bowl of soup, one scallop, a small fillet of fish, three slices of meat, a short glass of sorbet or ice cream and some dessert.

You should ensure that one ingredient features prominently at each course. Make your courses meaningful by including light accompanying flavors. For instance, you can use, one plump scallop, of course, cooked to perfection, served with a few roasted cepes and a little beurre noisette flavored with thyme.

For a successful grazing menu, there should be good communication between the kitchen staff. Also, ensure the service staff knows the full combination of each dish. This is so that they can explain to customers what they are going to serve at each course. Apart from including a wide selection of wines in your grazing menu, you can also make your complimentary drinks. Multiple courses require a lot of plates, glasses and cutlery settings. While planning your grazing menu, keep that in mind.

So, are you ready for an outdoor grazing menu? The Meat Thief has the best and most reliable staff to ensure your grazing menu is a success!

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