One of the biggest trends of 2018 among the British public is the vegetarian and vegan diet trend and this does not seam to be slowing down by any mean.

It has not been a surprise when we get a wedding or corporate catering request and we are asked to include vegan meals on our menu. Being a BBQ Catering Company it has not stopped us from providing the guest with our mouth-watering BBQ dishes.

This is where we introduce our vegan BBQ.

In 2010, the world recorded a number of 1,525,000,000 vegans, that was about 21.8% of the world’s population. With 542,000 people joining the vegan community between 2006 to 2016.

Vegan diets are now becoming more popular than ever and the main reasons behind the diet is consciousness of the planet, animal welfare and the large number of health benefits known among people.

Many people (although we are not thinking of changing the name just yet) are turning their backs toward meat products and meals.

They are becoming vegan and cutting the use of meat and dairy products like chicken, fish, and eggs.

Plant-based diets are becoming popular as people are more diet-conscious nowadays. People are trying to consume most of the meals that contain limited or no animal products. They are welcoming and experimenting with new vegan foods, meals, and products and enjoying this new plant-based cooking.

They are accepting the fact that food can be delicious and healthy without using animal meat or dairy products. This increasing trend is a better step towards self-improvement and betterment of our society and animals. It is imposing a better impact on our lives, health, and the environment too.

The Meat Thief Catering Company like many other restaurants have started serving food that is meat free and have seen a demand for such food is increasing. When everyone is trying and accepting a new and better trend then we shall not be staying behind.

The new vegan trend has given us the opportunity to experiment with a larger selection of dishes that we have previously shied away from and it is exciting to cater for those with different demands and requirements and keeps The Meat Thief always looking for new recipes.

The Meat Thief is moving forward while following the same trend for the ease of many people who are feeling difficulty in finding vegan catering products or any other catering services for their different kind of small and large events.

Now you don’t have to worry about it anymore we are here to solve this problem for you. Now we are bringing a change by introducing our wedding catering, corporate catering and private parties catering with “vegan food” and “vegan catering”.

One thing meat eaters are missing is the delicious vegan meals around. As a meat eater, you can take a visit into the vegan world and enjoy some yummy vegan BBQ dishes like

  • The Vegan BBQ Ribs,
  • BBQ Tofu,
  • Cauliflower Steaks,
  • Grilled Aubergine,
  • Veggie Kebab
  • Baked Pineapple.
  • Healthy and fit people are vegans

We see our friends at parties or events and ask them, “Hey! What fitness routine keeps you in this shape”. And they tell us they don’t go through fitness training. The only thing is, they are vegans. This encounter has sent a lot into the amazing world of vegans

The Meat Thief is a Portsmouth and Hampshire Catering Company ready to serve all your favorite BBQ dishes, both for meat eaters and vegans.

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