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People are embracing the idea of a wedding BBQ instead of the old normal three-course meal wedding. In fact, wedding barbeque is slowly becoming a popular trend in the catering industry around Leicestershire. However, can you get a wedding BBQ in Leicestershire; how popular are they? Well, you can now have your wedding BBQ catering in Leicester hustle free by simply contacting the Meat Thief event catering company.

BBQs are cost-friendly. You always want to impress your guests and give them the most delicious food. Therefore, why not incorporate BBQ into your menu? It will ensure you do not strain your budget especially if you have a small budget.

So have you thought of what your wedding menu should look like? For all questions about wedding BBQ in Leicestershire; how popular are they and how to go about it? The Meat Thief has all the information you need. We have been doing wedding catering in Leicester and its environs and can assure you that BBQ is great for a wedding reception.

Apart from wedding catering, we also do catering for events such as:

  • Private parties
  • Birthday parties
  • Corporate parties
  • Family events

So, just how popular are wedding BBQs in Leicestershire?

People like keeping up with trends. BBQs are just the style that everyone is going for. Instead of the formal three-course or buffet style wedding, couples are rather enjoying the feel of roasts and grills as they celebrate their big day. BBQ also gives you the freedom to add several other food variations to your menu. The best thing is that it will always pair with any other food easily.

Earlier on this year, we at the Meat thief were thrilled to bring our cooking to the people of Leicestershire. We have so far done so many weddings and other events in Leicester. So, when we say that people in Leicestershire love BBQ, we totally know this! So, have a wedding coming up? We are the best catering company in Leicester with a vast knowledge of all things BBQ. Contact us today for all your wedding BBQ catering in Leicester and experience delicious food on another level!

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