What to Look for in a Catering Company

Organising your next event? Well, it will definitely be a great culinary success all thanks to a reliable catering company. Also known as the BBQ masters, the Meat Thief catering Company creates delicious food for all special occasions. It can be a wedding, a party or even a corporate event; it doesn’t matter, they’ll always be there.

With offices in Portsmouth, Hampshire and now in Leicester, the establishment offers quality service and is known for their diverse menu that includes both vegan and vegetarian foods. From the services they offer to their delicious meals, the Meat Thief Catering Company meets all the requirements of a top-tier Catering Company.

If you’re looking for a catering company, the following are some of the qualities you should consider:

  1. Experience and expertise

In the catering industry, expertise is a prime concern. Getting a team of professional caterers who have experience in the field is very important to the success of your event. It is normal for you to have a reasonably high expectation of your caterer. Typically, this means that your chosen catering company has the knowledge and capability to deliver quality services without really experiencing challenges in the process.

  1. Budget

When organising an event, budgeting is very essential. Part of your budget is usually allocated to food. Get a catering company that will work with your budget without compromising your needs. The Meat Thief catering Company works with any budget. The good thing is that they are able to service both small and major events.

  1. Staff

A good catering company is self-sufficient. Normally, you’d find that they provide a full range of services. From cooking to the wait staff, a reputable company should be able to look after all the needs of the catering section. The Meat Thief has a team of staff that is not only experienced but also enthusiastic.

  1. Setup

Apart from food, what else will the catering company provide? Ensure that the catering company that you choose is able to meet all your needs. For instance, you may need assistance with setting up, cleaning, producing a beautiful spread of food and even decorating.


  1. Flexible

Can the company handle special requests? In every event, there are always guests who have special requirements. Or, you have special requests that you would like to include in your event, a good catering company is flexible enough to incorporate your specialty in the event even if it is not in their menu.

So, with the above qualities, you now know what to look for when hiring a catering company in the quest to bring culinary success to your event. For all your upcoming events, call or contact us at the Meet Thief for a great experience!