Are you thinking of hosting a BBQ reception for your wedding? BBQs are quite popular these days. You need to be sure of which BBQ foods are best for your wedding. If you are not sure, the best thing to do is to talk to your wedding caterer and ensure you get the right menu. BBQ menus are very easy to come up with. In fact, they are so cost-friendly.

The first thing to consider when planning your wedding BBQ is who exactly will be handling the grill. Here, it will definitely depend on how big your guest list is. Grilling for a lot of people might be really quite consuming. However, with the Meat Thief Event Catering Company, you do not have to worry about lateness or anything. We are self-sufficient and have a very professional team that will work around the clock to ensure everything is served in time.

Here’s a list of which BBQ foods are best for your wedding:

  • Chicken
  • Grilled Steaks
  • Grilled fish such as prawns, fish kebabs, tequila salmon
  • Skewers
  • Salads


After planning for your meat, ensure you add in some sides. The Meat Thief has a comprehensive menu that allows you to choose from a wide range of foods to add as side dishes. People don’t just love barbeque; they also enjoy what it comes with. Also, include drinks such as champagne and canapés. Your guests will totally enjoy this.

When you embrace the BBQ style for your wedding reception, it means that you are giving yourself the freedom to have fun with your dessert options. If it is during the summer, you can include cheesecake or ice cream in your dessert options. In addition, do not forget that the wedding cake goes with almost everything; meaning you can combine your dream cake with your BBQ reception and your guests will still love it.

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