As your big day approaches, you will no doubt be dealing with things right up to the last minute. The seating plans, the invites, the music, the entertainment, the venue…there is just so much to plan when it comes to trying to put together a wedding in 2015! One of the most important things that you can get right at any wedding, though, is the food. As one of many Portsmouth caterers who can provide you with your food for the day, we provide something a little bit different to the norm.
Rather than traditional wedding day foods, we provide excellent BBQ wedding catering instead! This can give you finger-licking good meats to pick from on your big day. This gives everyone a succulent selection to pick from on the day, and will ensure that every one of your guests will be able to enjoy their night full of energy and with a well-fed stomach.

BBQ wedding catering is hugely versatile because it does not require the usual facilities to set up and get right – this makes it the perfect selection for those who want an outdoors wedding, or are choosing somewhere further away from traditional venues. If you intend on getting married in a large rural location, for example, you might find that getting catering delivered and prepared is going to be a bit of a challenge!

Rather than leave everyone hungry, though, you can rely on The Meat Thief our excellent catering service to provide you with a mobile and effective BBQ catering solution. This is growing more popular as the years go by, as wedding traditions fade away in favor of those who want to do things in their own unique format – if you want to enjoy some BBQ ribs on your wedding day, why shouldn’t you?

Take things in your own direction and give everyone at the ceremony something to truly enjoy! If your wedding is going to be taking place outdoors so that you can maximize the spring and summer weather, then having a BBQ wedding catering team ready to go can be the best alternative to getting fun, tasty and cost-effective food prepared for every single guest.

Served from the grill by our expert chefs, people can get the kind of meats that they want without the slightest problem; we’ll bring a huge amount with us and make sure that whilst we will be keeping everyone well-fed, we won’t be in the way of your perfect wedding setting.

For anyone who wants to live a bit more uniquely and take on a new approach to wedding catering, you’ll find that our stunning menu of foods are the right fit for your day, and will give all of your guests a meal that they will truly remember, whilst fitting into the fine British tradition of BBQs when it’s sunny!

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