WOW.. That is all I can say when I heard about this recipe, Probably the most mind blowing recipe ever since the Beer Can Chicken..

So although the first thoughts are that of a beer in your burger this is not correct, it is merely using a beer can to make a Yorkshire pudding out of the mince meat and filling it with the tastiest treats.

Step 1. Initially you want to get your quality mince with around 10% fat, add spices to add flavour, from preference I added the usual rock salt, black pepper, pinch of garlic salt together with a dollop of horseradish and a tiny drop of Mr Naga chilli sauce.

Step 2: After the meat and spices are blended together take the meat into your hands and mould into 3″ balls so you have a number of GIANT meatballs.

Step 3: Take a beer can, Ideally cold and punch into the ball of meat. Mould the meat around the can and cover with bacon, remove the can So they will look something like this:


Step 4: Add the ingredients of your choice into the bowl shaped meat thing you have made, we went for Chorizo, mushrooms, red onions, cheddar and stilton but it is entirely up to you on your choice of fillings.. make sure you top them of with cheese..


Step 5: Place them into some tinfoil to keep all the juices and put them on the BBQ for around an hour, checking every 20 minsIMG_6590

Step 6: Add the amazing beer can burgers to a fresh bun with a layer of spicy coleslaw and there you have it..



Probably the best burger you would be able to find in Portsmouth on a Windy March Evening.. Very happy to have made these and everyone else was ecstatic also..

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