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Grazing tables are suddenly everywhere! From weddings to birthday parties to small gatherings, people are slowly embracing grazing tables for their occasions. However, do you know everything you need to know about grazing tables? Grazing tables at weddings are no longer a simple trend; they have become a staple in the culinary reception scene. In fact, most people receive them so well.

The amazing grazing table movement began with simple grazing platters. These were being served as appetizers. Nevertheless, it has now moved to the main and many other delicious food options. It is a great edible work of art and has so far become very popular. If you are thinking of including grazing tables at your wedding, then here we talk about everything you need to know about grazing tables. The craze doesn’t seem to be losing momentum any time soon. Therefore, grazing tables are definitely a plus at any wedding reception.

If you are working with professional caterers, then they will take you through everything you need to know about the grazing table before you choose to include it in your wedding. But, if you do not have a wedding caterer yet, then be free to talk to The Meat Thief, they will work through all mater grazing tables with you and help you out with any dietary decisions you need to make.

One of the questions you might be asking yourself is; can you cater for a whole wedding with a grazing table? And, the answer is a definite yes! You can do so with the help of a professional caterer: The Meat Thief.

What can go wrong? Assuming you have chosen the grazing table idea for your wedding, what are the pitfalls of the platters?

  • Under catering and running out of food.
  • Replenishing the food and still maintain an appetizing look after people start picking at it.
  • What are some of your food safety and health requirements measurements? The meat cuts, cheeses, and pates need to be safe for consumption after a few hours.
  • How are you going to handle dietary restrictions? Will you be catering for vegetarians and vegans only? Are there pregnant women?
  • Know the exact number of guests who will be gathering at the graze. How is your table styled? Is it accessible from both sides?


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