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As you invite your wedding guests into your reception, you hope they enjoy the well-crafted flavors created by your caterer. However, there are guests who have dietary restrictions. They must be catered for differently. You don’t want your guests to have a painful and even potentially fatal allergic reaction at your wedding.

Therefore, you must recognize and accept your guests with food restrictions. Whether it is caused by food allergies, religious convictions or lifestyle choices, you should be able to accommodate them so they can also enjoy themselves at the wedding. The following are some tips on how to comfortably handle food restrictions in your wedding:

Talk to your catering company about their experience with dietary restrictions

You may not know how to comfortably handle food restrictions in your wedding. However, your catering company should be able to help you out. They have experience in preparing food for different types of guests. Most caterers have dealt with guests who have a dietary restrictions and so are familiar with such kind of situations.

For instance, you may have guests who do not eat gluten. You may not necessarily want a gluten-free dessert; your caterer should be able to prepare gluten-free desserts for these particular guests. This way, you can accommodate them with an alternative dessert.

Setting up a protocol to avoid cross-contamination

Ensure labeling and serving of food is done well at your wedding reception. This is to avoid cross-contamination. You can do this by creating separate stations. For example, you can have a station for meals and another for desserts for guests with food allergies.

Also, put hand sanitizers on all tables and label items such as nut-free, vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, vegetarian and even kosher.

Do not strain yourself during your wedding reception

Your caterer has an upper hand when it comes to your guests’ comfort, especially if they are experienced. They know the alternatives to almost all meals and should ensure that your guests are safe and happy during the event. You do not need to overextend yourself on your big day, leave the catering part to your catering company and just enjoy your big day.

Most couples tend to strain on their wedding day to please their guests and to ensure everything goes according to plan. Truth is, you do not have to. As soon as it is time for dinner, take a seat and let your wedding caterer run the reception as you celebrate with your guests.

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