oysters on ceramic plate

The National Oyster Day is celebrated every year on 5th August. If you enjoy seafood, then this is the perfect holiday for you. There are about 100 oyster species in the world. These interesting shellfishes tend to take on the characteristics of the water that they live in. This is the reason why they are named after the water body that they are found.

Oysters can be eaten in so many ways. However, some people love and enjoy their oysters raw. It makes a great side dish as it adds a wonderful flavor to thanksgiving dressing. You can also use oysters to make soups, stews, and chowders. If you love food trends then you’ve noticed that there are recipes that bake, grill and even broil oysters. You can do this with or without the shells.

Whether you eat oysters raw or cook them, they have valuable nutrients that are very good for one’s health. They supply high amounts of vitamin A and B12. Therefore they greatly benefit brain health, skin and the heart. The vitamins also support the good functioning of lungs and kidneys. They are also very beneficial to the environment as they have valves that can cleanse the ecosystem of pollutants.

The national oyster day 2019 was celebrated around the world with a lot of excitement as people were able to enjoy their favorite dishes as well as trying out new oyster recipes worldwide.

The best way to observe the oyster holiday is to simply get an oyster recipe that you love and make it at the comfort of your home. Alternatively, you can order the best oyster dishes from your favorite restaurant and have it delivered to you.

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