England is not famous for its great weather. Portsmouth seems to have a more acceptable climate than the rest of the country. It’s got its location to thank for the climate. Portsmouth is well protected from the winds from the north and sees more sunshine during the year. Summer and winter temperatures range between an average of 70 and 50 degrees on average. It doesn’t have to be another, cold season spent snuggled up inside. A Catering Company in Hampshire is offering hot barbeques for the winter blues. Here are some tips for a successful winter barbeque and Catering in Portsmouth

BBQ in the Winter?

Yes, it can be done. The first consideration is the location of your barbeque. The Meat Thief can help with finding the perfect location for you. The location needs to be a protected spot, out of the wind. We always bring extra fuel for your fire as the colder temperatures will have an impact on the heat. Unless you are using a ceramic or cast iron barbeque, you need to add heat to get the meat cooked. Remember that the barbeque will take longer to heat up in winter. You wouldn’t want your meat to stick to a under heated grill.

That hot, sizzling sound of meat being seared is quite central to a successful bbq and a great event. Make sure the fires are lit well in advance. There should be enough heat generated before adding the meat. Another good idea is to have an extra batch of hot coals off to the side. Keep stoking that side to replace your colder charcoal, or set up another cooking area. This way you’ll have two cooking stations, one of high heat and one that is a little cooler.

The meat is cooked to perfection. The guests are standing around, mouths watering. Bring out the heated cast iron pot or pan with a lid. This is where the done meat goes. Since it is winter, you don’t want your meat to start getting cold until every piece is perfectly roasted. Cast iron stays hot for a long time, so remember the oven gloves.

Corporate or Private?

Whether you are planning a corporate or private function, a Catering Company in Hampshire will assist with a BBQ to heat up your event. Winters are dark and bleary; few people want to venture outside. By having a bbq, big or small, you are enticing your friends to enjoy the outside, mild-winter. Instead of watching another cold winter pass through the window, heat it up with a cosy bbq. You might even be sorry to see the winter go.

If you would like us to bring a chiminea to your event please let us know and we would be happy to help.

If you are looking for an outdoor catering company in Portsmouth please contact The Meat Thief on 02392 984 667