So since my last post on the Beer Can Burger I have been researching different methods to get the filling inside the meat and not outside, I feel it make the flavour more fulsome and essentially makes an extremely awesome burger.

So on Sunday we had a small celebration and I wanted to practice with the stuffed burger idea, So I had purchased a burger press from ebay a while back and waiting to use it.

So firstly with your burger meat which I have seasoned with rock salt, black pepper and garlic salt together with other spices, I place a thin layer and build up the sides on the burger press.

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With the thin layer of mince meat add a slice of chorizo and then pile in the toppings with cheese caramelised spicy onions, stilton and a choice of toppings of your dreams.

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Add the additional size of chorizo or salami to keep the fillings together and add some more minced meat.

From here press the burger to keep it nice and tight, cook for around 20 mins on the BBQ and enjoy with a dollop of coleslaw on a warm crusty bun  Portsmouth catering Company (3)

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Enjoy. xx

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