What a fantastic weekend we have just had and although the weather is now raining in Portsmouth yesterday was a barmy 11C and we took the opportunity to celebrate our good friends birthday with a BBQ

It is quite obvious that most people do not love the winter season. Most times the harsh weather causes the scare. For the BBQ lovers, it’s the scare of the frozen grill. Especially when it’s time for your annual gathering and you plan on having a BBQ meal.

With your doors shut and heating on inside, you can still enjoy the juicy BBQ meat without stress. With the meat thief, your winter weekend will still be as yummy as any other weekend.

There are several winter BBQ dishes you can pick from to enjoy that coming winter weekend gathering.

  • The Honey Sweet Potato Chicken Kebab

A delicious mixture of sweet potato, chicken thighs and bamboo skewers. Mixed and glazed with garlic salt, chili pepper, cumin, paprika, honey and cider vinegar, this is one dish that will keep your guest mouthwatering throughout the event.

  • Delicious Bacon Wrapped Carrot

When it comes to having a mix of vegetables and meat, this is one amazing dish you would want to have throughout your event. Having your fresh garden carrot wrapped in bacon together with a yummy cup of maple syrup to add more taste to it.

All you need is carrots , sliced smoked bacon and a cup of maple syrup.

  • Grilled Dish Of Chicken Nachos

Remaining outside exposed to make your sustenance doesn’t actually shout ‘comfort’. Be that as it may, these fiendish flame broiled chicken nachos, warmed over the BBQ in tin foil are amazing. A yummy mixture of chicken meat, tortilla chips and cheddar cheese. An additional touch of sour cream and BBQ sauce to give the final touch.

  • Yummy Meatball Bombs

The name is alone to make you salivate. This is one BBQ dish that can be taken by everyone. The children love to drive their teeth into the delicious meat. If you want them to eat their vegetables, this is for you. All you need to do is to add vegetables to the meatball mixture.

This yummy recipe includes onions, ground beef, chopped mushroom and parsley, brown sugar, ketchup, soy and BBQ sauce, and your bacon.

Don’t forget to add the veggies you want since the kids will be attached to this.

These recipes are to kill for. Your winter weekend will never be boring as long as you serve any of these winter weekend BBQ recipes.


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