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Did you know that 10% of the world’s population is vegetarian?

Celebrated every 1st October, world vegetarian day is a special day. It is an observance day assigned to raising awareness about vegetarianism. Every year, thousands of people take a step into healthier living. They care more about animal lives and are against any form of animal cruelty. Therefore, they chose to avoid the perils of lifestyle diseases and live long healthy lives. They call themselves vegetarians!

World vegetarian day began in 1977. It was geared towards educating people on the benefits of eliminating meat from their diets. Therefore, it promoted the vegetarian way of life. It is important to note that a vegetarian diet is significantly healthier than a diet with animal products. In fact, with a low-fat vegetarian diet, research shows that you may avoid cardiovascular diseases. Furthermore, a vegetarian diet consists of more fiber and anti-oxidants which give your body the ability to fight cancer.

At the Meat Thief, we are about everything BBQ. However, we are also very conscious of vegetarians. For this reason, we have an all-inclusive menu that caters to both vegetarians and no vegetarians.

So, how do you celebrate the world vegetarian day?

Well, the best way to celebrate this day is by having us cook you a great vegetarian meal! You can include your family and friends too. The Meat Thief has experience in vegetarian BBQs. If you do not advocate for a vegetarian lifestyle, this is the time for you to give yourself a chance. Explore the vegetarian diet and find out what health benefits it may help you with. After all, it doesn’t hurt to get rid of meat from your diet for just a day!

Use this day to take a look at your eating habits and reflect on how those habits affect your health. You can also try out new dishes without really committing to the lifestyle. As we look forward to enjoying another world vegetarian day next year, stay healthy!

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