How to Cut Your Wedding Catering Cost

Typically, the money you spend on your wedding catering is considered the most expensive part of the wedding budget. Most couples often look for ways to save money on catering and still give their guest a great wedding party. The best way to go about this is usually simply talking to a good wedding caterer around you.

For instance, if you live in Hampshire or Leicester, the perfect caterer for your wedding would be the Meat Thief Event Catering Company. We will not only do culinary catering for your event but also give advice to you on how to go about it. Here are some few ways to cut into your wedding catering costs:

Avoid Gourmet

Everyone wants to show off fancy food at their wedding. However, these are usually bound to pushing you beyond your budget. If you want to keep the cost of your wedding catering down, forget about including the gourmet menu and stick to what you know and love. With the help of a good catering company like the Meat Thief, you may be able to transform even the most basic foods into wedding-worthy eats.

Look at the foods in Season

The perfect way to reduce your wedding catering costs is by going for fruits and vegetables that are in season during the time of the wedding. Before planning your dishes, you can go to your nearest farmer’s market and see what is in season.

You can always skip the plated dinner type of wedding

The plated dinner is actually very pricey because it needs you to pay per plate. In addition, you still have to hire wait staff to ensure your guests are served. Well, a cost-friendly option would be to opt for a buffet, food stations or even the cocktail style catering. This way you will still get to serve the dishes you love but at a pocket-friendly cost.

Request for substitutions

When you finally get the wedding menu from our chosen caterer, ask them to include more budget-friendly ingredients to avoid pushing beyond your budget. For example, vegetarian dishes are usually very expensive. You can ask the caterer to get substitutions as this will help reduce the catering cost even a little.

Take it easy on the options

If you decide to serve your guests exactly what they want, you may not be able to cut your wedding catering costs. Instead, give them one or two options to choose from but do not forget to add an option for any of your guests who may have food allergies or dietary restrictions.

Finally, you can also skip the late night eats. However, if you feel like a late night snack is necessary, you can get the pocket-friendly ones to avoid pushing your budget.


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